Tuesday, September 22, 2009

True story: March 2009 at the Key Bridge

There I was, JRA . . .
True Story: Key Bridge, March 2009
I was on the Custis Trail, crossing Lynn in the crosswalk, on my bike, w/ 5 seconds on the light; car coming up off GW Parkway was stopped, saw me, then turned right, for Key Bridge, crossing my path. I hit his front fender & went over his hood. Interesting legal issue here: Local practice--the officially designated Custis
Trail cross Lynn there in the crosswalk--contravenes state law, which says bikes can't ride in crosswalks. What trumps, apparently, is that drivers must stop for any people in crosswalks, regardless if said people are there legally or not. The very nice Arlington Police officer cited the driver and not me (this would not happen in all counties of Va.). Later I looked at the sign there for drivers coming up off the Pkway; that one says Yeild to all PERSONS [not Pedestrians] in the crosswalk.

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